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Tilt Of Fury Review

Tilt Of Fury is a great looking tilt action puzzler by developer Adam Sin.

In Tilt Of Fury you control a little silver sphere and must collect floating squares to move on to the next level. Every level is a puzzle that you must navigate in your search for squares. In some levels you must not only find but chase down the squares, which can be quite the challenge. Tilt Of Fury also contains giant black squares that hunt down your sphere. These enemies will relentlessly chase your character even through obstacles.


Tilt Of Fury has a few very good points to the game that it has done well. First, the controls are very reactive. This pushes to the point of too touchy, so be ready when you play. With this being said you can move your ball very fast in the game. I enjoyed the speed at which the ball could move around the map. I don’t think this level of speed would be capable with less sensitive controls. Second, the graphics in Tilt Of Fury are great looking. Along with great graphics there are a couple of options to tweak the graphics settings if needed. The developer included great options for anti-aliasing and shadows. Finally, the levels have good designs. From having to cross moving platforms, pegs rising out of the ground, and opening doors to chasing squares on a giant moving clock face, there are some good level designs.


Sadly Tilt Of Fury has a couple of points that could use some work to make it great. First, I was unable to find any music at all. No intro music, no background music, and no sound effects are in the game. I understand that this might not be a big deal for everyone but it is a nice touch to have. Second, the background is kind of a generic event horizon. This is the background for the menu when you load the game and while playing. Finally, the menu seems kind of buggy. When clicking on an option the button would change colors and react in a visual way but it would not do anything. It sometimes took around seven tries to get a button to click. I tried clicking once and waiting to see if it would happen but it never did. Also sometimes the buttons would work on the first click, it was rather unpredictable.


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Tilt Of Fury Review Tom Denvir


Summary: Tilt Of Fury has great controls and graphics with fun level designs. Tilt Of Fury also needs some much needed polish on sound and menus.



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