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Upcoming Climber Rocketfella Set To Be The Next ‘Downwell’

Indie developer Chilly_Durango has never played Downwell but that hasn’t stopped their fantastic in-development infinite climber Rocketfella from drawing comparisons to the spelunking retro darling amongst its beta testers. While at first glance you too might be tempted to see Rocketfella as ‘Downwell but up’ it soon becomes clear after trying it that Rocketfella is off doing its own thing with a big emphasis on crazy jetpack fueled antics over gunplay and a more integral element to its environmental destruction mechanics. Although it’s still deep in development with a playable preview build for browsers only just recently hitting the scene it’s already clear that Rocketfella is shaping up to be something special and could very well be one of the next big indie success stories.


Destined to hit Android devices first when it launches this March, Rocketfella is a physics heavy endless climber that has players doing their best ‘Rocketeer’ impression and crashing headfirst through as many ceilings as they can while an army of pixelated goons try to stop them. Fortunately, said goons are not immune to jet fire or gravity which means that as long as players use some tact they’ll be able to pass by unscathed. Of course that’s easier said than done when they’re packing machine guns, flame throwers, and even jetpacks of their own with any damage taken to the players’ jetpack having an actual impact on its performance and reliability. This can be remedied by chaining together kill combos and grabbing the jetpack parts dropped by enemies which serves as extra fuel and a heart’s worth of health. There are also a ton of guns players can pick up throughout each level but here Rocketfella puts an interesting twist on gunplay since players can only fire when laying off the thruster due to ‘jetpacks requiring both hands to operate’ which makes for an interesting shoot em up mechanic and strange looking air battles.


There’ll be a bunch of unlockable goodies available as well such as an array of different jetpacks and even neat looking pallete swaps which is doubly impressive considering this one person project isn’t even complete yet. From what I’ve played of the preview build I already love Rocketfella and can tell that it will soon join the ranks of games like Downwell as one of my go-to digital fixations. Keep an eye out for this one when it launches on Android first at the tail end of next month, in the meantime you can check out a browser based preview build and provide feedback to the developer at the link below.

Rocketfella Preview Build For Browsers

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