Published on February 28th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Fantastic New Arcade Climber Rocketfella Blasts Onto Android

A terrific new arcade style survival climber called Rocketfella has arrived that I can confidently claim is one of the best Android games i’ve ever played without a hint of pretentiousness, it’s that good. This unassuming retro themed mashup of shoot ’em up and runner bears some superficial resemblance to an inverted take on Downwell that immediately dissipates upon understanding it’s unique yet familiar approach to 2D shooter action. The debut title from indie developer Chilly Durango, Rocketfella challenges players with ascending a never ending tower as they blast their way through hordes of wacky enemies using tons of unlockable weaponry and their trusty jetpack while avoiding getting crushed by a giant buzzsaw or falling to their doom. With its highly polished arcade gameplay and wealth of content Rocketfella feels really well designed, suffering only from a sub-par placeholder soundtrack at first that has since been updated. Players can experience the entire base game of Rocketfella for free with no ads, with the pro version opening up access to additional weapons, jetpacks, and palettes. Whether you’re a fan of Downwell or just like arcade style shooters in general be sure to check out Rocketfella.

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