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Tower of Destiny Review

Developed by DrDerico, Tower of Destiny takes the endless runner idea and turns it into a great platforming experience.

In Tower of Destiny you are a pink ninja-looking cube who is climbing a tower. This game is an endless runner in the aspect that the tower never ends, instead of running forward on a path you are climbing ladders to proceed to the next floor. Along the way you you can collect gold, gems, and power-ups all the while jumping on the enemy to defeat them. Every floor consists of a single screen containing anything from just a ladder or chest, which unlocks the ladder to the next floor, to multiple enemies, a turret, gems, gold, and power-ups.


Every level is randomly generated, guaranteeing a unique experience every time you play. The level generator does a good job in creating challenging and playable levels. Occasionally, like one out of thirty levels or so, I would start on a ladder that would require me to take damage when the level started. There are three power-ups you may find while climbing the tower. Each power-up is upgradable from the main menu of the game.

The controls in Tower of Destiny are simple, one tap to jump. With these simple controls the game is still challenging and definitely enjoyable to play. There is no way to slow down or speed up constantly making your character run back and forth in the level. Your character will get thrown into some sticky situations when you mix in enemies and traps.


Tower of Destiny does not push any graphical boundaries but it does look good. The animations and game-play are very smooth. The game uses darker backgrounds with bright characters, that really stand out and are clearly defined. Everything from menus to starting a new game loads smoothly and quickly. The developers choice of sounds and music are great. The main menu has a kind of dark ominous music that I found gave the game a much more serious tone than it really has. The music for climbing the tower has a upbeat technoish kind of style that fits with the cartoonish look of the characters.

This game is free to play without any IAP. The game does have an ad after every climb of the tower. The ads are not the usual full screen, requiring an internet connection type, but an ad from the developer about the developer’s game. Each popup has a small picture and two buttons, one to follow the ad and a no button. It’s a simple ad system and it promotes the developer without requiring an internet connection.

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Tower of Destiny Review Tom Denvir


Summary: Overall Tower of Destiny looks and sounds great, and has unique yet challenging levels every time you play along with simple yet enjoyable game play in a never ending platformer challenge.



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