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Goldbeard’s Quest Review

Welcome to Goldbeard’s Quest from Howling Hamster Games. The Kingdom is out of money……… and ALE!! Time to enlist the help of Goldbeard the dwarf!

Travel through treacherous dungeons, spooky forests, and crumbling castles in order to gather coins, gems, and of course… more ale!! Goldbeard’s Quest is a straightforward no-frills platformer; You have the ability to move left, right and jump. The goal of each level is to gather treasures, ale, and get to the exit. Each door out must be unlocked by sliding a block onto a switch. You have no hit points to speak of, so one wrong move and you’re toast.


You have a certain amount of time to finish each stage, but they’re short enough where you should have no trouble. Unfortunately, even as a hearty dwarf you don’t wield any weapons. There’s various enemies such as fire breathing skulls and dragons, as well as skeletons which can be stopped by jumping on their heads. The levels are generally pretty sparse in terms of enemies and obstacles.


The initial screenshots of the game look great and the multi-level parallax scrolling gives the visuals some depth. That said, the character animations are clunky and the collision detection is really poor. I perished many times when a skeleton was too close or I failed to land on a platform and slid off.

Most of the graphics look hand drawn which is a nice touch. Goldbeard’s Quest reminds me of the shareware games I used to pick up at computer shows back in the 90’s. Some improvements could be made to the controls and the interaction between Goldbeard and the environment.

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Goldbeard’s Quest Review Joe Stofko


Summary: An OK platformer with some decent visuals. It’s not a bad game, but suffers from poor controls and collision detection. If you REALLY like platformers then give it a shot.



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