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Tower in the Sky Review

Tower in the Sky is an interesting take on lane defense beautifully mixed with RPG gameplay from developer Three Brothers Games.

Tower in the Sky starts off in the peaceful Kingdom of Tyrune as a lone sage watches the skies. The sage notices signs of a great evil prophecy and alerts a boy with the key to stopping the evil. This boy and his friend venture forth to stop the prophecy. Along the way they gather new allies and loot to aid them in their adventure. The group must travel across 5 different areas on their way to the Tower in the Sky.


Tower in the Sky is essentially a lane defense game where your characters grow in strength through items and experience. The gameplay is a mix of classic rpg where characters are moved into strategic positions. This sounds a bit unusual, but it is a frantic and enjoyable experience. This gameplay is made frantic by the real-time enemy movements coming down the lanes at your group of adventurers. The enemies have a variety of attacks that can be launched at the team. There is a good tutorial to that end which explains how to play, starting you off in a battle and then teaching how to equip your party members. While the game does have a good tutorial it does not hold your hand for long. Tower in the Sky quickly scales up in difficulty requiring your constant attention to win. To make your characters stronger you can equip them with new weapons, armors, or an item, along with winning battles for experience. The seventy-four available items can give your characters elemental attacks, provide elemental and extra defense boosts, make your attacks faster, or many other bonuses to help your characters. There seems to be twelve characters that you can choose from to fight for the Kingdom of Tyrune, although at times you will be given a choice between two characters that can’t be changed later on.


The graphics in Tower in the Sky look cell shaded to an almost cartoonish extent and fit well together. The gameplay is smooth and the animations look great. The menus load quickly and fit with theme of the game. The game has all around great music for menus and in battles. The sound effects fit well and sound clear. I do have one complaint about a sound in the game though. There is a particular sound, I think a typewriter sound for displaying text, that is much louder than anything else in the game. This is not a huge point by any means but it was worth noting.


Tower in the Sky also contains an achievement system that is directly tied to Google Play Services. There are twenty-four achievements that can be completed ranging from getting characters, to story advancement, collecting items, to slaying enemies. A little thing I noticed is that the achievements were unavailable unless you were logged in to Play Services.

Three Brothers Games also came up with a great pay model for the game. The game is free to try but to unlock the full game there is a one time IAP that is reasonably priced. The free version does not have any ads which is nice. Also when the game reaches a thousand collective IAPs a new area will unlock for anyone who has paid the pro IAP. In my opinion, this is a great idea for the players of the game to get new content.

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Tower in the Sky Review Tom Denvir


Summary: Tower in the Sky has a great rpg foundation mixed with rapid challenging lane defense gameplay.



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