Published on March 3rd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Hybrid Trading RPG Wizards And Wagons Strolls Onto Android

After being lauded a great deal on iOS for its unique take on RPG item shop management indie developer Touch Dimensions has brought its hybrid strategy romp Wizards And Wagons over to the Android side of town. This engaging mesh of The Oregon Trail travel mechanics and clever tower defense inspired strategy elements puts players in the shoes of a washed up RPG hero who must now travel the land as a simple shopkeep after having defeated the great evil that had been threatening to destroy the world. Wizards And Wagons builds on top of the traditional trading/barter economics games of the past by injecting welcome RPG elements like questing, dynamic inventory management, and epic battles with baddies using customizable loadouts. The catch here is that players must balance between dedicating space to both weaponry for defense against monsters and loot which is vital to turning a profit at the next town. If you’re a fan of The Oregon Trail style games or are just in the mood for an RPG that does things different be sure to take a look at Wizards And Wagons.

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