Published on March 3rd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Minimalist Arcade Dodge Em Up I Love My Circle Hits Android

A mesmerizing new arcade dodge em up called I Love My Circle has rolled on the scene with its own unique minimalist twist on the bullet hell genre that oozes copious amounts of both trippy visuals and challenging one-touch gameplay. This debut title from indie developer Joshua Burr shows a ton of imagination as the varied iconography he is able to conjure up out of simple moving rectangles helps to give I Love My Circle a life of its own and further draws players into its manic scenery. At it’s core I Love My Circle is a straightforward arcade game where players must keep their ball inside a circle without getting smooshed by oncoming squares, but the sheer creativity exuded by the enemy movement patterns coupled with its fined tuned physics engine give I Love My Circle an extra degree of finesse that elevates it above its peers. You can pick up I Love My Circle for half-off from now until March 7th on Google Play.



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