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Dash Quest Review

Dash Quest is an interesting mix of action, RPG, and runner developed by Tiny Titan Studios.

In Dash Quest you are a young boy sleeping when your grandfather has a terrible premonition about an evil monster. With little more than a wooden sword and your underwear, you dash out to find this monster. Along the way you will find weapons, items, and magic spells to help defeat the evil forces and obstacles you must face in your journey. While you will not be able to find the evil monster on your first attempt, you will get the chance to upgrade, purchase new items or spells, or switch game modes after every dash in the game.


Dash Quest’s game play is simple enough that anyone can play but to get farther in the game you will need to learn to time attacks and blocking with each enemy having unique attack and movement patterns. The controls are responsive and buttons have good placement, that allow full view of the game while using different buttons or attacking.

To help you progress further in the game you must level up and purchase new weapons, armors, accessories, items, spells, and pets. The RPG aspect is woven into the game quite well. Killing monsters and finishing mini quests help give you experience. Upon leveling up you get three skill points to customize your character. There are 58 skills that you will be able to choose from giving a big variety of effects. There are over 110 pieces of weapons, armor and accessories, over 40 items, and 18 spells to choose from.

There are three game modes to choose from Classic, Hero, and Story. The regular game mode is Classic where you try to find the evil monster playing through six different areas. Each area has a unique mixture of monsters that progressively get stronger. Each area also has a unique boss that you must face to move to the next area. In Hero mode you face stronger foes but  you get a chance to earn Epic Coins that you can use in an Epic Shop for special items and gear. Last is Story Mode, this mode has multiple levels per area that you must complete. The levels can be played up five times with increasing difficulty in Master Mode for the level. Just like in Classic each area in Story Mode has a Boss you must defeat before moving to the next area.

While the graphics are not going to blow you away, they do look great. The game uses retro style graphics that fit well while being clear and crisp. The gameplay and animations are very smooth. The sense of speed from dashing works well. Dash Quest has great chiptune style music and sound effects. The sounds fit well with the graphic style of the game. The background music generally has upbeat sound that goes with the runner theme. The sound effects are all clear and fit well with the event that happened.

Dash Quest has an achievement system that is linked to Google Play Services. The achievements cover a wide range of things like killing monsters, progressing to certain points, and using particular items or spells.

Dash Quest has the normal IAP that you would expect for gold and Epic Coins. Also at other times throughout the game you will receive a pop-up video ad. The developer had the idea to pay you with gold for watching the videos. This is the first time that I have seen this implemented but it is a great idea. I would say though the ads can be a little much especially when first starting the game or playing Story mode.


Dash Quest also has quite the community following with the developers taking ideas and suggestions from the players. They have newly implemented a prestige system with perks for extended replay-ability, mini-games, and shops.


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Dash Quest Review Tom Denvir


Summary: Dash Quest is a great looking and sounding game with fun, if not frantic, gameplay mixed with RPG elements that work great together.



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