Published on March 5th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Pummel Poseidon In Epic Aquatic Shooter Deep Sea Fish Kebab

One of the more interesting indie titles from last year that slipped between the cracks is Deep Sea Fish Kebab, an eccentric retro survival shooter in the vein of Only One with a much more arcadey emphasis. Released by indie developer Tartle Games, Deep Sea Fish Kebab tasks players with journeying the vast and perilous depths of the ocean in an attempt to assassinate Poseidon and his army of deadly mutant sea creatures that would love nothing better than to have some plucky young diver for lunch. The gameplay in Deep Sea Fish Kebab is a nice blend of both brawler and shooter as players alternate between using their main weapon, a sword, and grabbing the occasional mutated gun fish that they can use to deal heavy damage in strategic situations. There are over a hundred different enemies to contend with, each with their own quirks so players will have to stay on their toes if they don’t want to be taking damage left and right. If you’re a fan of survival shooters with lots of power ups and humor be sure to take a gander at Deep Sea Fish Kebab, it’s available now for a dollar on Google Play.

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