Published on April 15th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Style Dice RPG Snake Eyes Dungeon Ventures Onto Android

Anyone who has played a tabletop RPG knows the nail-biting tension that comes with rolling a pair of dice and praying to the RNG gods that you get a high enough number to vanquish whatever bothersome enemy is threatening to take your character out. Well now you can get that feeling on the go with an interesting new pocket RPG called Snake Eyes Dungeon that neatly combines a streamlined rogue-like progression structure with traditional dice rolling combat alongside an extra bit of pixel art spitshine thown in for good measure. Created by indie developer Facundo Mounes and published by Alastaria, Snake Eyes Dungeon challenges players with escaping a procedurally generated dungeon by both finding the exit and the key to unlock its door which can sometimes spawn on a ridiculously tough enemy like a dice wielding vampire. Surviving the dungeon with a sizable enough amount of loot allows players to upgrade their character for their next adventure which gives a nice incentive to play well rather than merely making it out of the dungeon alive. If you’re a tabletop RPG fan you’ll probably get a kick out of Snake Eyes Dungeon, it’s available now for free on Google Play.


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