Published on April 16th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Bullet Hell Boss Sim Mothership: The Sequel Descends On Android

Strategy fans are in for a treat as a really cool new strategic-shooter hybrid has arrived that turns the genre on its head and allows players to control a huge screen filling shoot em up boss while an armada of pitiful hero ships attempt to take them out. The brainchild of indie developer Commonwealth Industries, Mothership: The Sequel is an excellently designed and strategy oriented remix of classic arcade shooters where the traditional ‘shoot any pixel that moves’ arrangement has been subverted in favor of an intricate RTS-lite interface that gives players the ability to send out commands to individual weapon systems on board their customizable mothership. As enemy ships attempt to shoot the mothership down players must drag from their weaponry to the enemy fighter to create a flight plan that will do the most damage and wont get shot down on the way there. There is a lot of personality and self-deprecating humor present alongside a nostalgia-heavy presentation which helps to infuse Mothership’s already great strategic combat with its own unique feel. Fans of strategy games and shoot em ups will have a blast with Mothership: The Sequel, it’s available now for a dollar on Google Play.


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