Published on April 16th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Irreverent Arcade Brawler Hoptron 5000 Leaps Onto Android

An addicting new sidescrolling fighter bursting with copious amounts of unapologetically brash humor titled Hoptron 5000 has arrived on Android to test your arcade brawler skills alongside your stomach for silly meta humor. This challenging 2D fighter from indie developer Robosauce Games tells the tale of a samurai-robot-ninja-bunny whose delicious burrito has been snatched from his grasp by an evil wizard that banishes him to an alternate dimension populated by sentient nazi food dishes when our hero tries to reclaim his rightful lunch. Now it’s up to players to slice their way through hordes of different snack themed enemies and the occasional crazy boss in order to fight their way back to Hoptron’s home dimension and get some well deserved grub. Rather than use virtual buttons for its control scheme Hoptron 5000 instead utilizes an interesting ‘swipe to dash’ mechanic whereby players can either perform a single attack or a screen clearing slash depending on how they interact with the button. There are quite a few levels as well as tons of additional upgrades and modes like PvP to unlock which all help to give Hoptron 5000 an appreciable amount of longevity. Fans of fighting games and irreverent humor will want to take a gander at Hoptron 5000. It’s available now for free on Google Play.


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