Published on April 17th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Bug Smashing Shoot Em Up AlexG Infinity Storms Onto Android

While a small child killing scores of hapless insects would normally be frowned upon, things are a bit different when said child has been shrunk down to ant-size by an evil alien that has also brainwashed the local critter population into its own private army. Thus is the premise of AlexG Infinity, a vibrantly animated new shooter from indie developer Peak Pixel Games with great procedurally generated arcade style gameplay and lots of upgradeable weaponry. It’s up to players to survive as long as possible against this newly raised bug platoon by blasting away at them in typical shoot em up fashion however this is easier said than done due to their being over 40 different types of enemies to contend with that often have their own deadly quirks to watch out for. With its charming art design, high replay value, and addicting arcade shooter action AlexG Infinity is a worthwhile experience that can be downloaded off Google Play for free but those wary of games that ask for a lot of app permissions may want to check the full listing before installing.


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