Published on June 21st, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Epic Adventure Platformer Sheffelrot Journeys Onto Android

A really impressive new sidescrolling adventure platformer named Sheffelrot Dawn Of Elf has arrived on Android with surprisingly little fanfare considering the high production value it has to offer. From the fantastic animation to the wide variety of gameplay and charming tongue-in-cheek storyline this endearing retro endeavor from indie developer RetroHosta achieves a level of polish similar to what you’d find in a great 3DS game. In this run ‘n gun platformer it’s up to players to help a brave young elf retrieve a magical macguffin that will save his people from the local monster filled temple but of course things are never that easy as an army of wacky pixelated enemies and crazy screen filling bosses stand in the way. Players will need to lock and load as they blast their way through vibrantly animated locales with a hodgepodge of retro weaponry alongside the occasional trippy references to games like Gradius just to keep things interesting. If you’re a fan of platformers and have been looking for something to sink your teeth into be sure to take a look at Sheffelrot Dawn Of Elf. It’s available now for a dollar on Android and iOS.


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