Published on June 21st, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Challenging Checkpoint Racer Yakin’ Paddles Onto Android

With how perilous white water rafting can be you’d think it would provide ample video game development material but for whatever reason the world of extreme kayaking has rarely been explored in the digital realm, something indie developer Two Fish One Chips aims to change with their intense new retro inspired physics racer Yakin’. This seemingly simple but deceptively demanding pixel themed racer feels loosely based on the old school Atari games of yore but pumped up on steroids with much more detailed and varied design mechanics. Ostensibly players are tasked with simply paddling their way around a variety of different watery locales but this is easier said than done as a combination of fine tuned physics, twisting course paths, and a cavalcade of enviromental obstacles all come together to deliver an old school hard experience that still manages to feel fair. Whether you’re a fan of challenging physics racers with a sense of personality or just happen to be a kayaking enthusiast you’ll likely have a blast with Yakin’. It’s available now for $.99 on Google Play and iOS.


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