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Nifty New Mini-Fighter One Tap Duels Charges Onto Android

Fighting games are notoriously difficult to adapt to touch screen devices which has led developers to adopt different approaches like what was seen in the Infinity Blade series and its many imitators. It’s not easy to translate the muscle memory of performing a quarter-circle punch ‘hadouken’ onto a medium that presents no tactile feedback, so rather than attempt to fix an inherently broken design problem it’s not uncommon for indie devs to employ creative workarounds as exemplified by developer Francisco Chong and his small but stately new twitch fighting game One Tap Duels.


This retro style fighting game serves up bite sized battles that are determined by a single button press where both precise timing and the ability to anticipate your opponent’s move means the difference between a high score streak and utter defeat. As the player and their opponent rush towards each other at the center of the screen players must rapidly decide to either attack or use their character’s special ability depending on whatever telltale signs their opponent is displaying. In order to achieve victory in each rapid-fire joust players must not only successfully counter their opponent but they must also react at the exact moment the enemy hitbox is open. Players start out with access to a single ninja class that can both attack and throw a smoke bomb to dodge but are also able to unlock additional characters with their own special abilities such as a Pirate or Samurai. The developer has announced plans to add extra features such as multiplayer, additional characters, and improved abilities so it will be interesting to see where One Tap Duels goes from here.

One Tap Duels is free to download off of Google Play and has optional micro-transactions for unlocking new characters. Characters can also be unlocked with in-game currency.


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