Published on October 5th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Unleash Your Inner Gallagher In New Brawler Sudden Watermelon

After releasing the quirky sleeper hit Sudden Bonus and its eating based spiritual successor Sudden Edamame indie developer Lek Chan has returned with a charming new third game in the ‘Sudden’ series called Sudden Watermelon that evolves the franchise from frantic mini-arcade challenges into full blown beat ’em up territory. Sudden Watermelon retains the same great animation style and cheeky humor of its predecessors while representing what is perhaps Lek Chan’s most ambitious work yet as they branch out from the smaller tight arcade experiences they’ve excelled at while simultaneously incorporating a design scope more typically found on dedicated handhelds.


As in the previous two ‘Sudden’ games a typical family once again are being terrorized by a wacky game show host that can pop up anywhere and challenge them to weird contests. In Sudden Watermelon the host amps things up a bit by ambushing the family with an army of silly anthropomorphized watermelon ninjas with zany food based attacks. It’s up to players to rescue the rest of their family by pulverizing over 30 different kinds of watermelon ruffians as they pick one of several family members to level up and unlock new moves for. Like previous Lek Chan games the presentation style of Sudden Watermelon is exceptional with great pixel art graphics and catchy music. Being a more traditional arcade beat em up there are two different control schemes available depending on whether players prefer a traditional joystick or full screen controls setup.

Sudden Watermelon is free to download off of Google Play and has optional microtransactions. Characters and upgrades can be unlocked with in-game currency. It is also available on iOS.


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