Published on October 6th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Arcade Soccer Mashup Skilly Shooterstars Slides Onto Android

While Cthulu isn’t exactly the first of the elder gods i’d think would be into the unknowable cosmic horror of being a Soccer enthusiast who are we to argue when the outer ones come down to Earth demanding a trick Soccer contest to decide the fate of all realities? This is the kooky basis behind Skilly Shooterstars, a simple but intense new Soccer themed twitch arcade game designed to put players’ reflexes to the test. The brainchild of indie developer Space Pirate Cat, Skilly Shooterstars is a deceptively simple retro style puzzle-shooter that challenges players with kicking multi-colored balls into corresponding targets with precise timing without hitting the wrong target or failing to dodge the occasional cartoon bomb.


This may sound easy in theory but in practice managing kick timing and target positioning can be quite a handful. Players that manage to place bullseyes and keep their chain going can activate ‘on fire’ mode for extra flair leading to higher accumulation of points for unlocking skins. Multiple different pixel themed characters and arenas are unlockable with a recent October update introducing a free Vampire character and his Castlevania-ish domain. Despite its steep learning curve Skilly Shooterstars is a fun little mini arcade puzzle mashup for all the Soccer fans out there.

Skilly Shooterstars is free to download on Google Play and contains optional micro-transactions. It is also available on iOS.


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