Published on October 6th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Classy New Arcade Shooter Image Striker Does Bullet Hell Right

Arcade style shoot em ups on Android tend to be hit or miss largely dependent on their approach to design structure and control scheme. Fortunately a great new bullet hell shooter has snuck in under the radar recently by the name of Image Striker that excels at both critical game foundations while delivering an enthralling old school arcade experience veterans of the genre will appreciate. Created by indie developer Terarin Games, Image Striker is a classic style arcade shooter that demands quick reflexes as players battle against hordes of bullet spewing robots and intimidating bosses that fill the whole screen.


Unlike many mobile shooters that break the action up into smaller pieces Image Striker employs a more traditional level design that forces players to rely on their raw wits rather than any convoluted experience points system, which are often the targets of IAP monetization. In between dodging hailstorms of enemy fire players are able to collect dropped power ups and additional weapon types which help to even the odds like in any good shooter. The difficulty balancing is fairly impressive as well with normal difficulty presenting a proper challenge while stopping just short of being frustrating for a shoot ’em up veteran such as myself. Round that out with a head-bobbing soundtrack and an extra ‘caravan’ game mode and you’ve got a terrific classic inspired shooter.

Image Striker is free to download off of Google Play with no micro-transactions. It is also available on iOS.


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