Published on October 6th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Zany Single Screen Platformer Pix Hop Leaps Onto Android

An intriguing new minimalist platformer by the name of Pix Hop has recently made its way over from popular browser based gaming sites and while it utilizes a very simple single screen concept it still manages to be surprisingly replayable. Created by indie developer BNOO Games, Pix Hop challenges players with surviving an arcade platforming gauntlet for as long as possible with only left/right controls and hyperactive physics at their disposal.

*Strong Language*

As the ground beneath them constantly shifts and disappears players must not only avoid falling down spontaneously generated bottomless pits but they must also simultaneously evade attacks from deadly arcade style enemies like you’d find in an old school shooter. In a Pacman esque twist players can also collect regularly spawning pellets which award extra lives and help unlock new skins. While Pix Hop is a very simple game it manages to achieve an appreciable amount of replayability that makes it good for quick bursts of gameplay.

Pix Hop is free to download on Google Play and does not contain micro-transactions. It is also available on PC.


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