Published on October 7th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Music Powered 2.5D Platformer Rocketboat Blasts Onto Android

Whether you’re a budding developer or musician it’s hard to get your name out there nowadays which often leads folks to come up with creative new ways of promoting themselves. Such is the case with the charming new free 2.5D platformer Rocketboat which was created and scored by a video game loving band of the same name. Released under developer Present Day Media, Rocketboat is a nostalgia heavy old school platformer with the striking visual style of a NES game but with multiple 3D planes. As one of the band’s four members it’s up to players to stop a shadowy conspiracy involving sinister aliens and lots of intense retro platforming by deftly avoiding the many ‘NES hard’ inspired deathtraps and enemies standing in their way.


Fans of games like Megaman will feel right at home with Rocketboat from both a visual and gameplay standpoint as its challenging platforming can sometimes feel as merciless as anything in Capcom’s wheelhouse. Whether this is a positive or negative aspect is largely up to perspective but genre veterans will likely appreciate Rocketboat not compromising itself difficulty wise. In addition to starring the real life Rocketboat the band also transcribed their entire debut album into 8-bit chiptunes which helps give the game a nice feel and more of a purpose outside of an admittedly cool meta promotional vehicle. If you’re a fan of quality old school platformers that don’t hold your hand Rocketboat will probably be right up your alley.

Rocketboat is free to download on Google Play and does not contain any ads or micro-transactions.


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