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Superb Stationary Shooter Sequel Boomerang Chang 2 Hits Android

Indie developer Michel Gerard’s eccentric shoot em up Boomerang Chang is back in an impressive follow up to last years experimental shooter by the name of Boomerang Chang 2 that improves upon its predecessor in almost every way. The simple mini-game structure from the first game has been completely upended in Boomerang Chang 2 in favor of a much more expanded experience that includes new features such as crazy boss battles that really help to bring the series into its own. The simple quirky shooting setup from the original game is still intact but everything around it has been changed for the better with all new enemies, levels, and upgrades. Seeing the basic shooter mini-game setup of Boomerang Chang evolve into the much more complete Boomerang Chang 2 is unexpected but certainly not unwelcome as it manages to build a deep experience on top of the unassuming foundation of its progenitor.


In this shoot em up follow up it’s up to players to survive 8 levels of deadly monsters by chucking a whole mess of boomerangs at them until they stop twitching, but there’s a catch. Players can not move left or right and instead are only able to jump and shoot boomerangs in one direction as the different enemy types attack the player at their own pace. To compound on that predicament these boomerangs do come back around if they miss their target the only problem is that they have a tendency towards dismemberment if players don’t remember to jump out of the way or angle it to hit an enemy coming from behind. Balancing this unique attack mechanic with the hordes of pixel monstrosities barreling towards the player is what gives the Boomerang Chang games their charm which is expanded upon in this sequel with the addition of unlockable skills available to players after each boss battle similar to what was seen in Downwell and Nuclear Throne. With its bevy of new features and mechanical improvements Boomerang Chang 2 is a terrific sequel fans of shoot em ups will enjoy.

Boomerang Chang 2 is free to download on Google Play with no micro-transactions. It is also available on iOS and PC.


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