Published on October 8th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Intense New Arcade Shooter Spingun Rolls Onto Android

An intriguing new arcade shooter dubbed Spingun has arrived on Android that melds together components of Lunar Lander with Geometry Wars to create a novel take on modern hyperactive shoot ’em ups. Developed by indie studio Fermenter Games, Spingun twists traditional twin stick shooter rules around to allow for a simple but effective two button control scheme that completely changes the way players approach the genre. Each button is tied to a single thruster on a Lunar Lander esque ship while holding down both buttons will fire the ship’s cannons. Despite this cumbersome setup players must still compete with a menacing horde of crafty pixel warships straight out of a bullet hell shooter which is part of what gives Spingun its charm as players must quickly master the two button control scheme or perish.


While at first such a constrained control scheme might seem distasteful it’s implemented rather well and presents its own kind of charm once players get the hang of its hyperactive physics. There is an overall sense of polish around Spingun with a wide variety of enemy ships to fight and neat super power ups to collect which are essential to evening the odds against the forces of superior mobility. Free users have access to Spingun’s core ‘endless’ mode and weapon based waves mode with the full game granting access to extra skins as well as the ‘boss rush’ and special ‘ball pit’ modes. Its unusual control scheme may take some getting used to but fans of games like Geometry Wars will get a kick out of the eccentric twist Spingun puts on the genre.

Spingun is free to download on Google Play with additional features unlockable through micro-transactions. It is also available on iOS.


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