Published on October 9th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Castlevania Style Roguelike Undergrave Enters Open Alpha

Fans of Castlevania style games are in for a treat as an interesting new platformer dubbed Undergrave has arrived in open alpha that marries Konami’s forgotten title together with procedural roguelike elements to give each playthrough a unique feel. Developed by the same team behind Tel and Aitch, Three Dudes Make Games, this promising new take on action sidescrollers is already showing a lot of potential despite being in such an early stage of production. In this gothic pixel art adventure players take on the mantle of a nameless hero with a badass chain whip as he traverses haunting locales teeming with treacherous monsters itching for a fight. Players are able to collect items from fallen enemies and mix them together into a variety of different potions for those moments when a tactile advantage is needed which gives Undergrave an interesting extra crafting element.


The gameplay in this open alpha is compressed but brutal which is necessary as it succeeds at its job of presenting its major mechanical themes despite being in a limited state. Undergrave’s atmospheric pixel animation fits the haunting nature it’s going for quite well with nice little extra touches such as mushrooms that appear indistinguishable from the scenery but will reveal giant teeth and attack you when you get close as if it were some kind of Mimic treasure chest monster. It’s still very much in development but what Undergrave already has to offer makes this one to keep an eye on for Castlevania fans such as myself.

Undergrave is free to download on Google Play and does not include micro-transactions at this time.

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