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Fight The Clock In Time Attack Puzzle Shooter Dess M-8

What do you get when you toss Columns, Bust A Move, and an arcade shooter all together into one giant metaphorical blender and set it to smoothie? It’d probably be something much like indie developer Doombrowski’s unique block breaking puzzle shooter Dess M-8, an intriguing hodge podge of genres that have congealed together into a single meditative pseudo shoot em up about intelligent strategy.


Like many great puzzle games Dess M-8 is dedicated to the merciless destruction of pixel squares however instead of simply lining like blocks up here players are charged with blasting them away using an array of different staples of video game firepower. Each level is a race against time as players must figure out the most destructively economical way to clear the board before an ever looming countdown expires by strategically sabotaging block placements and making trick shots to get blocks in hard to reach places. Across over 50 levels players will have to adapt to using different kinds of guns like spread and sniper while simultaneously managing their upgrades in a neat RPG esque system. Puzzler fans looking for something different will enjoy Dess M-8’s novel spin on the genre.

Dess M-8 is available for $.99 on Google Play, Amazon Apps, and PC.

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