Published on October 29th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Twitch Tongue Twister Francesco’s Fly Frenzy Lands On Android

While mobile games are often derided for their simplicity it is my experience that some indie developers are able to eek out a certain elegance within the constraints presented by touch screen hardware. Even games that use only one button, such as Newtronium’s charming new frog centric arcade survival romp Francesco’s Fly Frenzy, can reveal a surprising amount of depth behind a seemingly rote veneer when its core loop is given sufficient thought and a rewarding progression structure. When a ‘back-to-basics’ approach is seen as an opportunity for nuance rather than a limitation, old ideas can find new life.


Such is the case with Francesco’s Fly Frenzy; A subdued timing-heavy arcade game about a goofy frog chomping down on loads of hapless insects that succeeds in holding your attention much longer than its peers due to its intuitive skill based mechanics and a slowly evolving player-tweakable progression system. All players need do is tap on the screen to make Francesco the frog’s tongue dart out and snatch up any errant flies in its path but this is easier said than done thanks to even a single mis-eaten wasp causing an instant game over. In addition to its inherent replayable nature Francesco’s Fly Frenzy has an experience point system that allows players to choose a new perk everytime they level up which provides a neat extra reason to keep coming back.

Francesco’s Fly Frenzy is free to download on Google Play with micro-transactions. It is also available on iOS.


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