Published on October 31st, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Arcade Runner Swoopy Space Lands On Android For Halloween

After launching on iOS last month indie developer Appdemon’s retro arcade runner Swoopy Space has arrived just in time to haunt Android devices this All Hallows’ Eve. Released by way of Down The Mountain publisher Umbrella, Swoopy Space is a simple but charming one tap runner with tons of pixel pizzazz and polished presentation. Like many ‘dodge’ style runners the aim of the game is mainly to avoid crashing into anything however Swoopy Space outperforms its peers in this regard by adopting a multi-layered approach that has something for both casual and skilled players. In addition to its debut on Android Swoopy Space also comes with the new ‘Spooky Place’ update that features a festive ghost theme as well as a whole new game mode.


While not terribly novel outside of its lively thematics Swoopy Space is a well polished take on the dodge based auto runner that’s likely to appeal to the mini-game connoisseur. As a space-faring pixel blob soars throughout the cosmos players must tap on the screen in order to make it change direction so it doesn’t collide with any planets or nefarious aliens hanging out in orbit amongst other obstacles. The farther out that players advance the more diverse types of enemies they’ll run into rather than a simple increase in obstacle density which helps to give things a genuine as opposed to an artificial curve in difficulty. New with the Halloween update is ‘bouncy’ mode which throws a different take on the genre in the mix done up with the game’s signature flair.

Swoopy Space is free to download on Google Play with micro-transactions. It is also available on iOS.


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