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The Sky Is Falling In New Platform Runner Earthquake Escape

Of all the different kinds of runners out there my favorite would probably be the ‘falldown’ style so I was happy to discover a polished new entry into this genre has arrived called Earthquake Escape that continues in the fine tradition of games like Super Drill Panic and Super Penguin. Created by indie developer Red Troll, Earthquake Escape casts players as an erstwhile adventurer attempting to outrun a rapidly collapsing ceiling while a cavalcade of traps and trick architecture impede their flight to safety. Players will guide their pixel explorer through several differently themed zones such as castles and factories, each with their own devious denizens and environmental obstacles to defeat.


In order to escape the collapsing roof players must move their character left and right so they fall down through holes in the floor to the next level. This is easier said than done however as each zone players encounter contains its own unique deathtraps like arrow shooting statues, snowball throwing yetis, and searing laser grids which must be tactfully navigated at a brisk pace before time runs out. Earthquake Escape’s interesting trap design and charming visuals give it a unique spin on the ‘falldown’ genre with plenty to offer the platforming enthusiast. In addition to its 6 different zones there are also unlockable characters and an extra endless mode.

Earthquake Escape is available for $1.49 on Google Play alongside a free ad-supported version.

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