Published on November 1st, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Arcade Asteroid Evader Danger Dodgers Slams Onto Android

Epoch and Submerged developer Uppercut Games has brought their manic arcade dodge ’em up Danger Dodgers from iOS over to Android with all its derpy goodness intact. This simple but addicting 3D score attack game has players taking control of one of a cavalcade of goofy characters as they attempt to outmaneuver a freak meteor shower that has been localized to their immediate vicinity. While it is a basic concept at its core Danger Dodgers manages to be rather enthralling due to its polished gameplay and charming presentation.


In order to survive the onslaught from on high players must tap to move their character out of harms way which quickly becomes quite a challenge as nearly every part of screen soon starts to ominously resemble the shadow of an incoming asteroid. Those that manage to survive long enough will start to see new types of asteroids thrown in the mix like explosive and ice asteroids that help to keep things interesting. A wide variety of unlockable 3D characters are available like my personal favorite, a giant screeching monkey that runs around flailing his arms.

Danger Dodgers is free to download on Google Play with micro-transactions. It is also available on iOS.


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