Published on November 1st, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Wacky Skiing Game Mountain Rage Barrels Onto Android

Murderous mountain critters shooting lasers out of their eyes while riding around on skis hunting for hapless resort goers might sound like the premise for a cheesy B-movie but it’s actually the story behind a wacky new skiing inspired arcade runner called Mountain Rage. Released by indie developer FuttesX, Mountain Rage is a tongue in cheek 3D arcade game that mixes together high speed skiing with score attack focused mechanics and zany power ups. As a vengeful deer fed up with all the careless humans occupying a nearby resort that has recently taken up residence on its peaceful mountain it’s up to players to show humanity who the boss is by head-butting a few vacationers.


In addition to simply navigating perilous ski courses at high speed players must also take out as many skiers as possible along the way without slamming into any trees or rocks in order to attain a high enough ranking to advance to the next level. Hidden items and alternate paths lurk about each map for the more perceptive mountain avengers out there. Players can then use harvested souls to activate power ups like lasers eyes or acquire kooky stat boosting equipment like sun glasses in order to gain an edge in future runs.

Mountain Rage is free to download on Google Play with micro-transactions.


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