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Teach A Dino To Surf In New Retro Adventure Game Surfasaurus

A charming new Animal Crossing esque retro RPG about a radical surfboarding dinosaur and his mischievous escapades dubbed Surfasaurus has cruised onto Android. The brainchild of indie developer Red Triangle Games, Surfasaurus is an endearing ‘community simulator’ style adventure game bursting with attention to detail and personality set against an intriguing mobile friendly twist. As your typical sunglasses wearing 80’s dinosaur it’s up to players to become the first ever famous dino surfer while exploring a lively retro town that operates on a genuine real time day-night cycle which gives gameplay an added meta flair.


In order to show the neighborhood dino bully who’s boss and win their girlfriend back players must travel around a wacky island making friends, playing mini-games, and winning surfing competitions by learning the sickest Jurassic surfing moves they can find. This island operates according to your phones actual internal clock so playing the game at night offers different opportunities to encounter characters and scenarios than it does during the day. With its great atmosphere and meta gameplay Surfasaurus has a lot to offer fans of adventure games.

Surfasaurus is free to download on Google Play and Amazon Apps. It is also available on PC and is on Steam Greenlight here should you wish to vote for it.

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