Published on November 3rd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Cyber Stealth Action Game NeoNinja Slices Onto Android

The gaming world has been aghast with Konami’s decision to shift the focus of long running franchises like Metal Gear Solid from console to mobile, but if by some chance they follow the lead of indie developer Kyy Games’ slick new stealth action game NeoNinja maybe it won’t all be so bad. They won’t of course but at least we have industrious game makers like the folks behind NeoNinja to fill in their shoes with what feels like would happen were Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to get the ‘GO’ treatment as games like Hitman have gotten. This fast paced stealth game casts players as a cyber ninja infiltrating a high security facility with nothing but their reflexes and ninja gear to protect them from an army of hired guns.


As a ninja with just a sword and throwing stars going up against guys with guns players can’t approach enemies head on so they must instead sneak around each level without being seen in order to pull off quick stealth kills. The guard AI works similarly to how it did in Metal Gear Solid which is very much a good thing as players are able to exploit enemy behavior with interesting results. Players move around the screen by either tapping to move to a spot or swiping in order to do a quick sword dash which presents some stylish gameplay opportunities as players can first tap then prepare their swings mid-stride for those guards that like to hang out around corners. With its puzzle-esque room layouts and reflex intensive combat NeoNinja will appeal to both action oriented and strategic players.

NeoNinja is free to download on Google Play with micro-transactions.


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