Published on November 8th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Point And Click Survival Roguelike Skyhill Shambles Onto Android

A novel new take on the point and click genre that mashes together roguelike and turn based RPG elements dubbed Skyhill has arrived on Android. Created by indie developer Mandragora and released by publisher Daedalic Entertainment, Skyhill is a procedurally generated adventure game set in a monster infested skyscraper after a nuclear apocalypse that challenges players with staying alive while exploring its haunting locales as they search for vital supplies like weapons and food. Players must learn to adapt to each situation whether it’s running away from a hulking monstrosity or hunting down the requisite materials needed for crafting more advanced equipment so they can take the fight to the undead.


Players start out on the 100th floor of the skyscraper and must work their way down by tapping on the environment to move about or interact with objects. As they rummage their way through each level monsters will appear that players can either face in body part focused turn based combat or beat a hasty retreat away from in order to heal and return better prepared. A variety of food, equipment, and weapons can be crafted from the raw materials players collect from the hotel. Extra abilities and perks can be unlocked as well. Roguelike fans looking for something a little bit different will want to check out Skyhill.

Skyhill is available for $2.99 on Google Play. It is also available on iOS and PC.


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