Published on November 12th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Arcade Runner Sequel Cubed Rally World Roars Onto Mobile

The developers behind the hit arcade racer Cubed Rally Redline are back with an ambitious new followup called Cubed Rally World. The latest from indie studio Nocanwin, Cubed Rally World expands on the charming faux-racing runner mechanics of its predecessor with a large array of new vehicles to drift with and a smart progression mechanic that sees the game evolve as players unlock more modes of transportation. Keeping in the spirit of Cubed Rally Redline players are tasked with zooming around a procedurally generated racetrack without hitting anything or running out of gas.


The core lane runner gameplay of Cubed Rally Redline is alive and well but this time around players will have to be quick to adapt to the many different kinds of vehicles Cubed Rally World throws at them if they want to garner a high score. Whether its drifting around corners in a hot rod, taking a speedboat out for a James Bond-ish cruise, or avoiding getting stomped on by a dinosaur Cubed Rally World consistently feels fresh thanks to its multi-faceted unlocking mechanic which adds a new kind of track to race on for every one of the different vehicle types players obtain. Throw in some catchy tunes and Nocanwin’s signature polish and you’ve got yourself a great new arcade runner.

Cubed Rally World is free to download on Google Play. It’s also available on iOS.


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