Published on November 12th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Clockwork Style Physics Jumper New Tap Order 2 Hits Android

A stylish new steampunk inspired one-tap physics jumper dubbed New Tap Order 2 has arrived on Android. Created by indie developer Aliasing Games, New Tap Order 2 is a clockwork themed runner with an appropriately heavy emphasis on precise timing where players outrun an indomitable wall of spikes as it lurches ever closer. As a surprisingly agile old clock players are tasked with jumping ever higher by tapping whenever they orient northward in order to lunge at the corresponding angle and escape the impending peril.


It won’t be as easy as overcoming one’s own clumsiness however as players must also avoid running into the occasional spike laced brick wall which forces them to rapidly change direction so they aren’t stuck between a giant row of spikes and a hard place. Luckily there are different kinds of power ups to assist players as they progress further and further such as a handy rocket pack that can be useful for getting out of tight spots. If you’re a fan of simple but addicting physics runners check out New Tap Order 2.

New Tap Order 2 is free to download on Google Play.


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