Published on November 13th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Equilibrium Inspired Shoot Em Up Gun Strider Coming Soon

Anyone who’s seen the cult classic Matrix knockoff Equilibrium will undoubtedly recall its campy but nevertheless cool looking ‘Gun Kata’ motif that had Christian Bale’s character unleashing over the top trick shooting to mow down his opponents. Well now fans of such stylish dystopian mayhem will soon have a chance to channel their inner Bale in a flashy new tap based shoot em up called Gun Strider launching next week. This duel thumb lightgun-esque shooter has players tapping all around the screen in order to blast away at a legion of 1984 inspired bad guys before they get a chance to get a shot off.


As players control a character that can duel wield guns they will in turn also be able to shoot multiple enemies at the same time which further adds to the urgency when waves of enemies continue to attack simultaneously. In addition to ensuring they’ve honed their arcade shooting reflexes players will also need to make liberal use of flashy looking bullet time blitzes as well as upgrade their stats and weaponry to take down tougher foes. With its impressive art style and interesting premise Gun Strider looks like one to watch for when it launches on November 21st.

Gun Strider is currently available via soft launch in South Korea, Canada, Germany, and the Philippines. It will be available globally on November 21st.


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