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Finger-Fu Review

A simple yet elegant new touch-centric arcade dodge ’em up called Finger-Fu has deftly crept onto Android with ninja-like precision to test players’ reflexes with intense bullet hell style action. The brainchild of indie developer Florian Kaulfersch, Finger-Fu uses 1:1 swipe based controls that makes players’ fingers themselves the literal hitbox as they frantically try to drag their digit across the screen and out of the way of an assortment of pointy objects. This straightforward concept is executed in addicting fashion as the amount of projectiles that must be evaded quickly reaches levels reminiscent of a hardcore arcade shooter.


While you might think that avoiding on screen objects with your finger would be easy Finger-Fu doesn’t allow players to take any shortcuts as lifting up off the screen instantly freezes the action and forces them to touch the exact spot they left off at in order to unpause the action. To better help weather this intense bombardment players are able to smash oncoming spears mid-flight to boost their high score and collect useful power ups that can get them out of a tight jam such as slow-mo, extra health, or a one-use teleport that enables them to circumvent the ‘don’t lift off the screen’ rule when they really need it.


Pixel heavy graphics complement the arcade gameplay by better defining the overall dimensions of hit boxes and providing a cheery nostalgic atmosphere. Appropriately inoffensive chiptune style music and sound effects round out Finger-Fu’s old school presentation.

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Finger-Fu Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Finger-Fu is a simple but polished arcade evasion game that will appeal to bullet hell aficionados with its addicting level of challenge.



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