Published on November 14th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Chess-like Spatial Puzzler Rookfall Slides Onto Mobile

An intellectually stimulating new 3D puzzler that makes a Chess rook the star of its own game dubbed Rookfall has arrived on mobile devices. This stately minimalist spatial reasoning game from indie developer Butter Games puts players’ ability to think ahead to the test as they are tasked with strategically moving a rook around a sort of Chess purgatory in order to clear hundreds of mind boggling levels. However every move players make slowly chops away at the level in a very literal sense which adds an interesting twist into the mix.


The core gameplay of Rookfall offers a strange dichotomy where it is at once both extremely understated and at times incredibly complicated. While this level of difficulty can be intimidating it is sure to be a welcome challenge to hardcore puzzle fans. Chess fanatics and savvy puzzle players alike will want to take a look at this interesting isometric puzzler.

Rookfall is available for $2.99 on Android and iOS.


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