Published on November 17th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Shred Slopes In Endless Arcade Skier Toodle’s Toboggan

Fans of the classic downhill racer SkiFree are in for a treat as an intense new arcade skiing game that feels like a souped up version of the Windows staple called Toodle’s Toboggan has arrived on mobile. Created by indie developer Prisma Wave, Toodle’s Toboggan follows the same basic premise of barreling down a mountain at high speeds without smashing into anything but with much more varied locales and some extra twists thrown in. It’s up to players to get the high score by riding as far as they can while pulling off gnarly mid-air tricks and narrowly avoiding rapidly oncoming obstacles.


A simple one to one control scheme allows players to move their skiing character around the screen in a fluid manner similar to SkiFree. Hitting ramps at the right angle enables players to get some air and pull off point-garnering tricks by tapping on the screen. As players rack up coins they’ll be able to unlock a cavalcade of new characters that each boast their own special stat upgrades. Fans of SkiFree or good runners in general will want to take a look at Toodle’s Toboggan.

Toodle’s Toboggan is free to download on Android and iOS.


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