Published on November 18th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Stylish Endless Platformer Ninja Tobu Leaps Onto Mobile

A slick new endless platformer with rapid-fire physics based action called Ninja Tobu has been launched onto Android and iOS. Released by indie developer CerebralFix, Ninja Tobu is a zen-like climbing game that puts players in the shoes of a master ninja who must rapidly ascend enemy occupied cliffs with superhuman leaps in order to escape an otherworldly wall of spikes that seeks to consume him. It is this intuition heavy slingshot element combined with an atmospheric art style that gives Ninja Tobu its distinct feel.


As a deadly row of spikes rapidly ascends towards players they must pull back and release in order to launch their ninja to a higher vantage point so they can continue the process and avoid becoming mince meat. The further up players go the more deadly the terrain becomes as additional spikes begin to appear in previously benign places and the more sparing the real estate becomes. Sentries posted around the cliffs act as opportunities for bonus points if players are quick enough to slash through them while escaping upward. Fans of physics heavy platformers and skill based runners will want to check out Ninja Tobu.

Ninja Tobu is free to download on Android and iOS.


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  • hendrixnz

    This game is really cool. There are 2 modes, endless and levels. There are regular updates also.

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