Published on November 20th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Manic Arcade Tap ‘Em Up Taptap Kidnap Lands On Mobile

An intense new retro style arcade tap ’em up about alien abduction designed to put players’ reaction times to the test titled Taptap Kidnap has made its way onto mobile devices. Released by indie developer FractalVoid Games, Taptap Kidnap is a pixel art tapathon wherein players are tasked with thwarting alien abductions around the globe by tapping on civilians as they are being dragged offscreen by a tractor beam. That soon becomes easier said than done however as those dastardly aliens have also snuck in decoy bombs disguised as abductees that become active when players inadvertently tap on them.


Once players free a civilian from a tractor beam they can increase their score by tapping on said civilian again to equip them with a parachute and prevent injury which can be repeated with consecutive rescues to build up huge combos. In addition to all the airborne alien abductee mayhem compounding wrinkles such as flying saucer attacks that cast an energy shield over large portions of the screen and helicopters that drop in helpful powerups help to keep the gameplay dynamic. If all else fails players have access to a giant laser powered weapon that obliterates everything on screen, except for the civilians of course. A large variety of cities to combat the alien menace in are available that each come with their own specific buffs and debuffs which can have major effects on the game mechanics.

Taptap Kidnap is free to download on Android and iOS. It employs an interesting approach to ads where after every death players can either skip an ad after five seconds to be placed in a random city or watch the whole thing for the ability to choose where they’ll fight next.


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