Published on November 21st, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Ninja Gaiden Style Platformer Be The Ninja Slices Onto Android

A challenging new platformer in the vein of Ninja Gaiden that successfully adapts the NES classic’s formula into a one button format by the name of Be The Ninja has stealthily infiltrated the Google Play Store. Developed by indie studio OttoMoto, Be The Ninja puts players in the shoes of a master ninja as they leap and slash their way through 20 grueling demon filled levels that will push their reflexes to the limit. Whether it’s a tough as nails platforming section or going up against a rage inducing boss Be The Ninja proudly lives up to its nostalgic goals and the high level of difficulty that goes with them.


Be The Ninja adopts a similar approach to the Ninja Gaiden games but rather than attempt to clumsily replicate a full controller it instead uses a far more intuitive one tap system that still allows for much of the same gameplay in a slightly more streamlined form. As players run about each level they’ll have to tap at just the right moments in order to make their ninja leap through the air or strike a killing blow against one of the many demonic creatures inhabiting each level. Each section of the cutscene-filled campaign is punctuated by a proper old school style boss fight designed to separate the true ninja masters from the novices. If you’re a fan of Ninja Gaiden or retro platformers in general you’ll want to check out Be The Ninja.

Be The Ninja is free to download on Google Play.


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