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Roguelike Shooter The Slimeking’s Tower Gets Big Content Drop

It’s been a while since we last checked in on the Binding Of Isaac style shooter The Slimeking’s Tower and in that time it seems developer RevampedPRO has made some significant updates to the game that greatly improve it’s formula and push it over the edge from being just the best clone of its kind to being a unique addition to the roguelike genre in its own right. Like many twin stick roguelikes The Slimeking’s Tower challenges players with blasting their way through procedurally generated dungeons while collecting items that can have wildly different impacts on the game mechanics which gives each new run it’s own feel. The recently released version 1.3 of The Slimeking’s Tower builds upon this framework further with a cavalcade of new enemies, bosses, items, and features.


Improvements such as a much greater variety of enemies to fight and expanded room design help to give The Slimeking’s Tower a more fleshed out feel. Players now have the ability to collect pets that will aid them in battle and provide extra firepower. Cool new bosses have been added with much more personality than the ones that preceded them such as a certain tophat wearing fiend and champion enemies now roam the halls along with their weaker brethren to infuse a bit of extra challenge into the mix. A new ‘daily run’ game mode has also been added for additional replayability. Fans of The Binding Of Isaac and roguelike shooters in general will have a blast with this newly expanded edition of The Slimeking’s Tower.

The Slimeking’s Tower is available on Android in both ad-supported and paid formats as well as recently having launched on iOS.

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