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Survival Adventure FPS Radiation Island Journeys Onto Android

Following its release on PC and subsequent port to iOS at the start of 2015 the zombie filled survival adventure game Radiation Island has finally made its way onto Android. Developed by indie studio Atypical Games, Radiation Island is an open ended first person survival romp that has players exploring an irradiated island in an alternate dimension while crafting equipment to survive and doing battle with the occasional katana-brandishing undead. This ambitious Dead Island esque adventure brings all the staples of the genre to Android while throwing in unexpected items and enemies to keep players on their toes.


Players control a poor sap who has been trapped in a strange monster filled dimension after taking part in the infamous Philadelphia Experiment and must find a way to escape the nuclear purgatory they now find themselves in. In between raiding mysterious abandoned facilities for supplies players will be able to partake in a wide array of side activities like creating fearsome new weapons, finding hidden caches, or even just cruising around in a homemade hang-glider. Beyond the normal hunger/thirst considerations of traditional survival games players must also deal with issues like radiation, weather, and the cold. Survival adventure aficionados will find a lot to like about Radiation Island.

Radiation Island is available for $2.99 on Google Play. It’s also available on iOS and PC.


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