Published on December 1st, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Code Based Puzzler Human Resource Machine Hits Android

The developer behind World Of Goo and Little Inferno has returned with a charming new programming style puzzle game called Human Resource Machine that is equal parts educational and entertaining. This thematic puzzler from indie developer Tomorrow Corporation puts players in charge of a cleverly designed office environment that mimics the functions of an actual CPU with real life programming logic. It’s up to players to climb the corporate ladder by solving progressively more advanced equation filled problems as they are mercilessly doled out by management.


Each level is represented by a floor sporting its own challenges where players must string together a series of commands in order to create the output that management wants. The programming mechanics and mathematics involved can get quite advanced but for anyone looking to get a good introduction to the basics of coding Human Resource Machine more than fits the bill. With its endearing art style done up in signature Tomorrow Corporation fashion and great music tying everything together Human Resource Machine manages to infuse a lot of charm into learning about what many consider to be a daunting subject.

Human Resource Machine is available for $4.99 on Google Play. It’s also available for iOS and PC.


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