Published on December 4th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Snowy 3D Physics Runner Sledge Barrels Onto Android

Most people would consider sledding to be a relaxing past time but in the new wintry 3D runner Sledge it becomes decidedly more precarious as players find themselves barreling down the side of a ridiculously deadly mountain in nothing more than a wooden toboggan. Created by indie developer ROKTOM, Sledge is a simple but eminently challenging endless physics racer that forgoes any kind of convoluted power up system in favor of pure skill based gameplay where players are constantly veering out of the way of a fast approaching obstacle at the last second. Whether it’s careening through a metaphorical minefield of tree stumps or leaping off a ramp at high speed in order to clear a bottomless chasm Sledge will keep players on their toes with its varied locales.


Players control a rickety toboggan in first person by either tapping or tilting left/right to steer and pressing both sides of the screen in order to jump. Both control schemes are well tuned and allow for high speed gameplay where it rarely feels like it was the game’s fault your sled exploded into a thousand pieces after colliding with a tree. Procedurally generated levels help keep things fresh as players never know whether to expect an infinitely generating avalanche of giant snowballs rolling about or an army of overbearing snowmen blocking the way. If you’re into addicting first person runners like Into The Dead you’ll probably have a blast with this 3D physics romp.

Sledge is free to download on Google Play.


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