Published on December 6th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Game Boy Style Platformer Tower Of The Wizard Leaps Onto Android

A charming new metroidvania platformer done up in the style of classic Game Boy games dubbed Tower Of The Wizard has arrived on Android in all its 4-color palette glory. Created by “Drink Beer, Neglect Family” developer Suhail Habib, Tower Of The Wizard puts players in the shoes of a lone adventurer scaling a treacherous trap-filled monolith on a quest to end the tyrannical reign of your typical power hungry rpg warlock. Before they can thwart the wizard’s plans however players must first make their way through a sprawling interconnected castle in search of powerful upgrades that enable them to access previously untraversable areas blocking the path to his lair.


Tower Of The Wizard nails its Game Boy aspirations with period accurate low-res graphics, catchy chiptunes, and simple controls that still allow for a great deal of gameplay variety. It’s up to players to make their way through each room using standard left/right and jump buttons while pixelated enemies and timing based traps attempt to halt them in their tracks. Unlocking each of the 4 key upgrades introduces new gameplay mechanics like wall jumping or the ability to glide which allow players to travel through previously blocked off routes and reach the showdown with the final boss. Platforming aficionados will definitely want to check out this blast from the past.

Tower Of The Wizard is free to download on Google Play.


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