Published on December 9th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Aquatic Physics Shooter Atlantean Sails Onto Android

A thematic new underwater adventure about the lost city of Atlantis that combines the platforming, adventure, and shooter genres into one surreal experience titled Atlantean has swam onto mobile devices. The brainchild of indie developer 201010 Ltd, Atlantean is an artistically strong action adventure game about an Atlantis in crisis where players control a lone mechanical drone who must recover five mystical stones from an army of strange looking killer robots before the mythical city under the sea is lost forever. It’s up to players to shoot their way through 50 levels of oceanic mayhem as they solve puzzles and rescue survivors being held captive by the mechanical menaces.


At times Atlantean can feel like a more action oriented Ecco The Dolphin as players traverse lushly animated underwater environments filled with background detail. In order to clear each level players must complete objectives that open the exit portal such as collecting a certain amount of energy orbs or destroying generators without getting chopped to pieces by fearsome wildlife themed enemies like mech-sharks and giant eels. While players do have a laser cannon to blast away at enemies with many times it’s wiser to choose your battles and avoid a tough fight until circumstances are in your favor which helps to give the impression that danger is lurking around every corner. Shooter fans looking for something a little more thematic will have a blast with Atlantean.

Atlantean is available for $2.49 on Android. It’s also available for iOS.


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  • Meijin Meijinn

    Reminds me of the “tone rebellion”, looks nice, maybe a couple odd font or UI choices but I really like the overall theme.

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