Published on December 9th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Elevator Antics Abound In New Twitch Platformer Jumping Back

A new timing heavy platformer in the vein of classic arcade games by the name of Jumping Back has leapt onto Android. This retro style pseudo-runner from indie developer Efektpol VR puts players in the shoes of a gravity defying repairman who must rescue his girlfriend and save the world after robots rebel against humans Terminator 2 style. With the lead robot nabbing his girl and whisking her away in the air it’s up to players to help him leap from elevator to elevator in pursuit of this malevolent mechanical maestro and put a stop to the robot uprising.


It’ll be tricky keeping up with this cyber cretin however as while the bot has the benefit of flight players must carefully time their leaps from elevator to elevator in a massive transportation hub lest they plummet to their doom or get shocked by errant power transformers. As they continue to traverse the elevators a cavalcade of different obstacles will get in the player’s way such as floating energy shields, view obscuring scaffolding, and even malfunction elevators that will quickly drop and take players with them if they don’t leap away in time. Players can also unlock a variety of different in-game stickers and skins with the points they accumulate from their previous runs. Arcade fans looking for a challenging one-tap platformer will want to take a gander at Jumping Back.

Jumping Back is free to download on Google Play.


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